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Use our interactive home search by Zip Code map to find your perfect home. The map below is a helpful way of seeing where each zip code is located with in the Pikes Peak region. Still not finding what you are looking for? How about using our VIP home finder service

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Even for folks that have lived in Colorado Springs their entire life, knowing the layout of our city can be somewhat tricky.  This zip code map is intended to help you understand the correlation of one zip code versus another and give you a general sense of the relative location. 

Each zip code page is filled with great information that will help you get to know that particular area. For example, at the top of each page is a map that shows you the hospitals, schools, parks, bus routes, and shopping in that particular zip code. Below that are 12 of the most recent homes for sale in that zip code. If you just want to get straight to your home search, there is an easy link to see all of the homes for sale.

If you want to stay up-to-date and informed of the real estate market in your zip code, you can receive a detailed market analysis.  Additionally, you can opt to have an updated report sent straight to your email on a monthly basis,

We don't stop there. We also feature statistics about each zip code. Overall cost of living, housing cost, entertainment cost, utility cost, and crime rates are displayed in an easy to read graphical chart.

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